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BERWIN Industrial Polymers Ltd

BERWIN Industrial Polymers Ltd

Welcome to BERWIN Group Ltd.

BERWIN Group Ltd is dedicated to technological leadership in the development and production of high quality rubber compounds. Our approach involves integration of materials, recipe, mixing,customer specifications and customer processes to arrive at high quality solutions at the best cost.

Founded in 1953, Berwin Industrial Polymers Ltd’s produce a large range of compounds using highly automated and fully process controlled mixing lines, based on the latest technology for markets covering tyres, matting, conveyor belts and transportation.


  • 2 mixing lines (1x260l intermeshing;1x180l tangential); capacity 21,000 tpa.
  • Variable speed/friction ratio hydraulically operated downstream mills.
  • Automated cooling batch-off’s capable of producing slab, wig wag sheet, wig wag and endless strip.
  • 1×3 bowl calender line with inline dusting, perforating.
  • Slitting and rewinding of calandered sheet.
  • Black compounds.
  • Automated weighing and mixing process.

Contact Information

Church Road, Lydney,

Gloucestershire GL15 5FG

United Kingdom

+44 (0)1594 846 551