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Our Goal – To Be The Easiest Company To Do Business With

Our goal is to earn and retain your business. A key component to that goal is ensuring that it is easy to do business with RheTech Colors. Your feedback is important to us and critical to our continuous improvement efforts. You can be sure your voice is heard. 

Developing better Thermoplastic Colors and Additives

Application Driven

Real world applications – that is what drives the success of our customers and, in turn, drives the demand for the materials perfected every day at RheTech. This is The RheTech Difference. Customers look to us to respond to their needs and challenges in the rapid development of the best overall material solution. RheTech succeeds with a thorough understanding of our customer markets, production capabilities and economic objectives.

Value Added

Our approach promotes close technical relationships with our customers. This dramatically reduces development time and ensures that the right solution is delivered and supported through launch. RheTech’s ability to deliver great performance at competitive cost drives the creation of value for the customer and end user.

Technology Focused

The RheTech team of engineers are leaders in the development of compounded and engineered plastic polypropylene. With many years of experience in formulating and delivering tailored solutions, RheTech turns ideas into reality. We address all aspects of economic and performance requirements. Broad technical, sophisticated development, and computerized manufacturing capabilities allow us to push and extend the boundaries of what is often thought possible. To further our commitment to success, a highly respected team of seasoned technical service engineers assist our customers in ensuring that they maximize the value of the overall offering. We perpetually look for new approaches and solutions for the marketplace.


RheTech’s experienced staff of engineers and customer service representatives are committed to the success of our customers. RheTech’s response to our customer needs includes our success of the development of RheVison™ our bio-fiber reinforced polypropylene / polyolefin product line.
performance additives

Integrated Capabilities

Our technical center, located in Whitmore Lake, Michigan, is a state-of-the-art facility for the development, testing and scale-up of a broad range of Thermoplastics. The production capabilities of this location facilitate efficient and successful implementation of new formulations and materials. Our accredited ISO 17025 testing laboratory allows RheTech to certify materials to industry and customer specifications.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Service

Customer Service is everyone’s priority and focus at RheTech. Our experienced and dedicated Sales, Customer Service, Technical, and Logistics Teams lead the charge in personally knowing our customers’ needs. 


Flexibility and exceeding your requirements sets us apart. RheTech is a reliable team of technically-trained people who care about your success!

Ahead of competition

Our promise is to make a Material Difference to your business. We do this through a continual focus on innovation. Our Research & Development scientists and engineers can develop thermoplastic additives for the most extreme and unusual applications.


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