Code of Conduct & Policies

Code of Conduct & Policies

Walking the talk

The HEXPOL Group has a very clear set of guidelines and policies for how we conduct business. They apply globally to all employees and include:

Materializing Our Values

At HEXPOL we recognize that our activities have an impact on people and the environment, both locally and globally, but we are convinced that we can contribute to sustainable development being a responsible citizen. 

HEXPOL’s primary objective is to create profitable growth. A prerequisite for this is to show responsibility for people and the environment, and to demonstrate sound business ethics. These commitments – Materializing Our Values – are deeply rooted in our culture and strategy, meaning that we strive to limit the Group’s impact on the environment and to offer a secure and stimulating work environment for our employees worldwide. It is equally important that HEXPOL’s actions reflect credibility and healthy values in our contacts with customers, suppliers and business partners.

Business Ethics Guideline

HEXPOL is committed to conducting its business and pursuing its interests in a legal and ethical manner. We shall therefore recognize corporate social responsibilities and behave appropriately towards all stakeholders. Our Business Ethics Guideline shall be seen as our Code of Conduct. It is applicable to all employees at all locations and units within the HEXPOL Group and provides guidance related to: 

How we uphold and promote sound business ethics methods
  • People and society
  • Environmental protection
  •  Performance of suppliers
  • Compliance with the Business Ethics Guideline

Communication Policy

HEXPOL has a communication policy that aims to fulfill the requirements concerning information disclosure to the stock market. HEXPOL’s financial and other communication activities must always comply with the EU Market Abuse Regulation, NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange’s regulations, generally acceptable behavior in the stock market, and other relevant regulations and legal obligations to which HEXPOL may be subject. Communication activities shall also be designed to create a flow of uniform actions between the company, the employees and the business environment.

Insider Policy and Guidelines

HEXPOL has an insider policy, as a complement to the applicable insider legislation in Sweden. The insider policy establishes procedures for “closed periods” meaning that trading in financial instruments in HEXPOL is prohibited  prior to the disclosure of financial reports, including the day of release. HEXPOL also keeps an internal insider register, in accordance with the instructions issued from time to time by the Chief Compliance Officer. This register include information about all the people who work for the Company that have access to insider information. 


Equal opportunities Policy

The Equal Opportunities Policy provides guidelines for the equal opportunities work within HEXPOL. It is the object of this work to actively promote all respects of working-life equality and to detect and remedy differences in working conditions due to gender, race, religion or other similar factors. 

Environmental Policy

HEXPOL recognizes that environmental responsibility — as one of the pillars of sustainable development — is a precondition for the survival and prosperity of human beings. The overall aim is that any impact on the environment, that is related to our activities, products and services, should be minimized. 

We support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges and roles and responsibilities shall be clarified at all relevant organizational levels. We work to increase our employees’ awareness and knowledge of environmental issues. 

Health & Safety Policy

High standards concerning health and safety are a part of HEXPOL’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. 

The overall aim is to offer a healthy and safe workplace by taking a proactive approach to potential health and safety risks. We follow applicable legal requirements and apply best industrial practice concerning health and safety arrangements in the workplace. Roles and responsibilities shall be clarified at all relevant organizational levels and we will work to increase the employees’ awareness and knowledge of health and safety issues. We have routines in place for reporting, analyzing, following-up and acting on workplace-related incidents and accidents. 

Supplier Sustainability Guideline

Collaboration with suppliers in managing environmental issues, working environment, social responsibility and business ethics in a responsible way is highly important to HEXPOL. Environmental issues and work environment have long been part of HEXPOL Group’s supplier evaluation process and is also an integral part of our environmental and management systems framework. 

The HEXPOL Supplier Sustainability Guideline covers the entire sustainability area and clarifies our expectations of suppliers. The guidelines are based on the “HEXPOL Materializing Our Values” document. The basic principle is that suppliers should have the same code of conduct and the same level of ambitions as the Hexpol Group. 


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